About Us

TechFaith (NASDAQ: CNTF) is a developer, owner and operator of commercial real estate properties across China as well as a China-based mobile solutions provider for the global mobile handsets market. TechFaith continues to maintain a team of professional engineers focused on the development of ruggedized smart devices for both its consumer and enterprise segments, although it started investing in the construction of buildings and facilities in 2009 as part of its growth and business diversification strategy, gradually shifting away from its traditional focus on the mobile solutions and handset markets. The Company currently focuses on developing office space that can serve as anchor bases in areas with developing economies, as it meets the needs of both established businesses and innovative start-up companies in China. For more information, please visit www.techfaithwireless.com.

Company Milestone

      2002 - 2010

  1. TechFaith was found in 2002, as a mobile phone design house for branded mobile phone companies for global markets.
  2. Company IPO on NASDAQ with USD141 million in 2005, ticker symbol: CNTF.
  3. First 3G product was shipped internationally in 2005.
  4. Purchased the Beijing Jiu Xian Qiao Building in 2006.
  5. ODP business started from 2006.
  6. Started planning Hangzhou Binjiang High Tech Park in 2008.
  7. Started developing Ruggedized Mobile devices in 2009.
  8. Branded Mobile Phone business started from 2010.

      2011 - Present

  1. Started planning Beijing Xi Hong Men High Tech Park in 2011
  2. Started planning Shenyang Shen Bei High Tech Park in 2011
  3. Started developing Android Smart devices & Applications in 2011
  4. Started developing on Ruggedized Wearable devices in 2012
  5. Purchased Shanghai Building in 2013
  6. Started developing LTE Android Smart devices in 2014
  7. Major Increment from properties rental income in 2015

New Company Address

Company Address and change the address to MFOX Plaza Tower D Kechuang 12th Street, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (Yi Zhuang), Beijing, China